April 28, 2015
Being fit and healthy requires more than simply going to the gym; it also involves eating the right foods.

Food Fitness

The most important aspect of being healthy is…FOOD! People eat constantly. Our lives can even sometimes revolve around food, counting down the minutes until lunch or […]
February 10, 2015
 The right workout buddy helps you give it your all, and if you want great results then you have got to give it everything you’ve got.

Share The Love: The benefits of working out with a partner

It is that time of the year again with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching. Love is in the air!   This month at the Lafayette Family YMCA […]
September 17, 2014
By purchasing a fitness tracker you are committing to achieve some sort of fitness goal, and the purpose of the product is to ensure that you reach that goal.

Fitness Trackers: They’re showing up everywhere!

Take a look around you the next time you visit the Y, and chances are you will see a lot more people wearing some sort of […]
August 11, 2014
Being a member of a gym also means being mindful of gym etiquette.

Workout Etiquette: 7 Simple Gym Rules to Keep in Mind

  Here at the Y, we pride ourselves on our clean facilities and friendly environment. We aim to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and provides […]
June 2, 2014
Weight training can increase your body confidence and help improve self-esteem..

Welcome to Weight Training: Everything You Need to Know in 6 Questions

Weight training. It’s something we hear about and yet many times it’s the one workout activity we would rather skip. Lifting day means exerting energy, sore […]
April 14, 2014
Swimming not only provides fun and entertainment for all ages, but it is a great physical exercise that can benefit the body in many ways.

Splash into Summer — Aquatic Exercise at the Y

Splash into Summer — Aquatic Exercise at the Y The sunshine and warm weather are finally here, and it’s time to take to the pool and […]
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