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Join us at the aquatics center for fitness or family time.

Searches for “a gym near me with a pool and sauna” may seem specific, but the Y has exactly what you’re looking for.

Come together with the whole community.

We have a state-of-the-art, handicap-accessible pool area for all of our members. With opportunities for individual exercise, family fun, and swimming lessons, our aquatics center is a great place for the whole community to gather.

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Our aquatics center has something for everyone.

The aquatics center at our Creasy Lane location offers something for the whole family, including:

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Enjoy adult swim lessons at the YMCA.

Learning to swim can seem intimidating and time consuming for adults starting their journey in water. The YMCA wants to make learning and perfecting this new skill as simple as possible.

Our aquatics center staff provides swim lessons for adult members hoping to learn swim basics and water safety skills. We also provide opportunities to get more comfortable with water for swimmers who experience fear or anxiety in the pool.

Want to see the pool schedule?